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Polymer recycling

The production of eco-friendly packing materials is not the only step undertaken by "AMIPAK" company to take care of your health and environment.
"AMIPAK" company is included into the register of recycling companies of the Republic of Belarus.
We recycle all kinds of waste from our own manufactured materials that we collect from other companies which use our films and packing materials or any multiway polymeric materials with an expired service term.
The technologies that are used by our company are so effective that it allows us to produce inexpensive polymer materials of high quality which mechanical and physical properties are not worse than those of the original materials. 
Joint Venture “AMIPAK”, an open joint stock venture, offers the following kinds of basic materials: 
grey HDPE shredding 
coloured HDPE shredding ( mix, colour sorted ) 
LDPE agglomerate
stretch agglomerate 
PP agglomerate 
transparent granulated PE material 
coloured granulated PE material 
granulated PP material PP