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Packing materials with flexographic printing

Maximum number of colours is 8.
Printing speed is up to 250 m/min 
Maximum width of the printed material is 1200 mm. 
Flexible roll thickness is from 12 up to 200 µm.
Joint Venture “AMIPAK”, an open joint stock venture, is equipped with glue laminator «Jullia» by «BIELLONI» for the production of all possible composite materials including those with interlayer printing. The paint layer is between the other layers, which protects it from outside impact and makes the appearance of the packaging better.

Flexo printing machine SCHIAVI SIGMA (Switzerland)

Flexo printing machine Bielloni SABA 6 SLV (Italy) - 2 items

Laminator «Julia Seconda» (Italy)

Lamination machine  SuperSimlex SL Nordmeccanica (Italy)

Reel cutting equipment Kampf (Germany) - 3 items

Original printing layouts worked out with the help of CorelDraw and Adobe Photoshop programmes are accepted. (up to 15 programme versions).
*.zip, *rar archives are accepted (SFX archives are not accepted)