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PET films

The material is used for thermoshaping of different kinds of disposable consumer containers for storable food products, blister packing, compartment inserts as well as packing for pharmaceutical products, makeup products and for the production of promotional products. 


KINDS of PET films
From an ecological perspective PET is one of the safest polymers. It doesn’t emit harmful substances when burning, it can be recycled for several times, and, in addition, petroleum derivatives are not used for its production. 
According to its sanitary properties PET is the cleanest and least harmful material comparing it to polystyrene ( PS), polyvinylchloride (PVC) and it retains its strength properties and doesn’t become fragile at the temperature up to -60 о С and more than that it ranks over PS and PVC in terms of atmosphere resistance.
Due to its texture the material possesses unique properties:
  • high transparency in its amorphous state (60-80%), which makes it possible to produce glass-like products;
  • glossy surface;
  • low gas permeability (excellent barrier properties);
  • high impact resistance (90 kJ/м2) within a wide range of temperatures; 
  • low water absorption rate (it can be used for packing liquids);
  • easy stuff coloring;
  • fine exposure to color printing
  • excellent properties for thermoshaping (elasticity, deep drawing properties);
  • high frost resistance;
  • resistance to oils, fats and a lot of solvents

PET film produced by JV "AMIPAK"

Characteristics of the produced PET film 


Thickness min÷max, µm

130÷1000 200÷750

Width max, mm 

1200 - 1300 1700 - 1800

Structure of layers

А/В/А, А/В, В/А А/В/А

In-process material (product film)


Description of physical-mechanical properties

1 Density, g/cm3 1.33 - 1.40
2 Film shrinkage, %,  not more than 8

multiple double bend resistance, times, for films with the given width, mm

0.10 - 0.20

0.20 - 0.25

0.30 - 0.35

0.40 - 0.45

0.50 - 0.55

0.60 - 0.65 

0.70 - 0.75

0.80 - 0.85

more than 0.90



200 - 250

160 - 200

120 - 160

85 - 120

75 - 85

65 - 75

55 - 65

50 - 55

not less than 30


In terms of its multiple double bend resistance PET films rank over polystyrene films by100 times and hard PVS films by 20-25 times. Alongside with this, PET in comparison with PS and PVC isn’t exposed to colour change in the line of deflection after its repeated bend.
A great value is also attached to antiblocking properties, especially in the production of PET films for thermoshaping.  Due to the input of an antiblocking additive into the outer layers of PET films the electric tension of the film surface is decreased, PET products do not stuck in a pile and can be easily separated off each other. 
Foam films with the properties of amorphous PET films (strength, barrierness, frost resistance, etc.) have a much lighter unit weight, which allows us to reduce the required quantity of material for packing one product by 25-30%. Foam films can be dyed in any colour. 
Metallized PET film in addition to its strength and barrier properties (especially its low degree of transparency and oxygen barrier properties) can be easily processed with up-to-date packing equipment, is relatively inexpensive and economical, can be exposed to all kinds of thermal treatment as well as sterilization. PET can be easily metalized with a thin layer of aluminium in a kind of vacuum environment, which increases its protective and mechanical properties and gives packing material a great degree of smoothness and luster. This material is a good substitute for aluminium foil. 
Pet film is widely adopted because it can be dyed in imitation of gold or bronze without metalizing due to the use of advanced Clariant dye agents.

Primary colour

transparent, white, brown

Thickness, mm

0,13 - 1,00

Rated thickness deviation, %

± 10

Basic film size width, mm

800 - 1200

Made-to-order roll width, mm

50 - 1800

Maximum roll diameter, mm


Reel core (material, diameter)

cardboard, 76 mm, 152 mm


wooden pallet

Preferred storage conditions

+5 - 30 °С  , not more than 80 % humidity


the product is certified 


The co-extruder equipment by «SML» and «Bruckner» allows us to get PET films with unique characteristics and properties, which meets the requirements of our clients. 
The quality of products is certified is accordance with conformance certificates (the republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation) as well as the customs union registration certificates.